Becca + Sean || In-Home Session

I’ve known Becca + Sean for quite some time + have had the pleasure of having an in-home session with them on a beautiful Saturday morning. They’re both very private people so I found this shoot to be very intimate + special. 

Becca + Sean have been together as long as I have known them + I was so excited when they bought their first home in Carmel Valley, CA! They knew it needed a lot of work + were dedicated to pouring their hearts, time, + effort to make it absolutely perfect. And indeed… it is PERFECT! Sean spent weeks building the fence around their front + backyard + Becca was the brains behind all of the insanely gorgeous decor. 

Becca + Sean created a back unit studio where Becca creates gorgeous one-of-a kind jewelry which can be found here

It’s been fun watching the house transform into a home. 

Check it out! 

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